a biography of todd mandeville

TtoI was born and raised around Saco Montana, and lived there for most of my life; graduating from Saco Public Schools. Being raised on Eastern Montana's Hi Line, gave me a deep appreciation of the rugged beauty we have here. The struggle our forefathers went through to raise a family and make a living here is immense. In my paintings, I want to capture the spirit of that time. I love and collect antiques and enjoy the history we have here, which inspire my paintings. I feel such an energy from all of this.  My paintings, take an average of 5 months to finish; they are very realistic and detail oriented and with every painting, a little piece of me goes with it.

I started my career as an artist late in life;  during the most troubled time of my life. It gave me a purpose and a focus to make it through that time and I couldn’t live without it.  I always say I am painting a feeling, not just an object; and with each painting a piece of me goes with it.

I doodled a little in school and took one drawing class after high school. At the age of 45, I started painting and only started because a friend asked me if I would like to go to their painting class. I am in my 8th year of painting and started selling prints in 2010. All my prints are done in giclee on canvas; it is as close as you can come to the original and most cases, hard to tell the difference. I believe a person is born to do one thing in their life and I have found my passion. I am very fortunate to have a job where I get to travel out in the country, and have only begun to scratch the surface. I would like to thank Barbra Whitaker for helping me find my way.

I am an associate member of the Oil Painters of America, the Wild Bunch, and the American Artists Professional League.  I continue to grow and learn from each and every painting that I do.

“Franky’s Truck” was my 5th painting and is the painting that gave me the courage to think I could actually sell my art. After I entered it at the fair, people were calling me to buy it.

Even if I didn’t sell my art, I will always paint.